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Summer Evenings, Ancient Traditions and Moules! — Our French Oasis — June 3, 2017
French Gardening and Summer Rain — Our French Oasis —
The French Market Experience — Our French Oasis —
New Orleans! Cafe du Monde! — June 1, 2017

New Orleans! Cafe du Monde!


#originalfrenchmarketcoffeestandAs I’ve mentioned beforeI really love New Orleans! The sights, sounds, smells (yes, all the smells), just the overall vibe of the place makes me insanely happy.I’m not sure its even possible to put into words just exactly what makes me love NOLA so much, but having just come back from our yearly visit I thought I’d give it atry.Because each and every trip to NOLA starts at one of my favorite places, Cafe Du Monde, I’m giving it it’s very own post!


In my everyday life I don’t often indulge in pastries, donuts or other bakedgoods, so it’s a bit funny that the first place I head upon arriving into town is a place famous for fried dough smothered in powdered sugar! Irresistible!

Why Cafe Du Monde? Don’t Other Places Have Beignets?


Conveniently, Cafe Du Monde is open 24 hours a day 364 days a year, with the…

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New Orleans! Lets Eat Lunch & Talk About Dinner! —



New Orleans, Louisiana, is, in my opinion, the most unique city in America, and it’s also a favorite of mine! There is something so special about it and I always feel so at home there. Wandering with no particular destination in mind just enjoying the atmosphere is my perfect day.


My very first stop each and every visit and my favorite place to go in NOLA is Cafe Du Monde!  NO trip to NOLA would be complete without a stop here, it’s an institution! You’ll find Cafe Du Monde across the street from the St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square park. There is no substitution!

IMG_3187The St. Louis Cathedral is the oldest Catholic cathedral In America.  There are many great places to explore in New Orleans, The French Quarter, The Warehouse District, Magazine Street (six miles of shopping!), and the Garden District to name just a few.  I can count on a completely different…

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New Orleans! Family Style! —

New Orleans! Family Style!



New Orleans is SO much more than Bourbon Street*, so if you have kids and you think that means NOLA has to wait, think again! There is no shortage of  family friendly activities in the Crescent City! No matter your interests I guarantee you’ll find something that fits your bill… Parks, the zoo, the aquarium, those heavenly beignets I keep talking about as well as many other yummy treats, river boat rides, museums and so much more.

The Audubon Zoo


Having visited many zoos throughout the world I feel pretty confident when I say the Audubon Zoo in Uptown New Orleans is pretty great! We’ve been three times! Though with the amount of turtles located throughout the zoo they might want to reconsider the name… Maybe The New Orleans Turtle Zoo?!


The zoo has a  wide variety of animals from around the world, but my favorite part of any zoo is the exhibit showcasing the local…

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10 things to do in New Orleans with Kids —

10 things to do in New Orleans with Kids


New Orleans is a magical place that everyone should visit at least once! I’ve been six times! The combination of history, legend, delicious cuisine, music, grit, and art makes it, in my humble opinion, the most unique city in America! What are you waiting for?! Let’s go! Wait! Are you worried that it’s not kid friendly? You’re not alone…

#stlouiscathedralEach and every time I go to NOLA I’m asked the same questions, ” Are you bringing the kids?”, and “Is New Orleans kid friendly?” The answer to these questions is a resounding YES! My boys have been four times, and if you ask them they’ll tell you it’s one of their favorite places!

Here are just a few of the many fun activities throughout the city for people of all ages!

1. The Audubon Nature Institute

#audubonzooStarting with the obvious, If you have animal lovers in your family then consider visiting any or all three of…

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A Photo Tour of the French Quarter —
In a New Orleans State of Mind —

In a New Orleans State of Mind

New Orleans… proud to call it home!  Sallie F. Arnoult

roads bel travelled

“Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?” – Louis Armstrong

I am absolutely in love with New Orleans. The city has everything from amazing cuisine, jazz music, and incredible architecture. I cannot emphasize enough why you should visit the Big Easy. If you need a little nudge. Let me help you out…

1. Beignets from Cafe Du Monde (French Market Location Open 24 hrs/day). Beignets are fried dough covered with sinfully delicious powdered sugar. Forget about the calories and live a little.img_4006.png

2. Mouth-watering and delectable dishes; 25-cent martinis; deep fried seafood and alligators (yeah, they kinda taste weird). Should I go on or let the pictures do the talking? 🙂

img_4011 Brunch at Surrey’s

img_4004 Everything deep fried including the Alligator!

img_4012 Commander’s Palace 25-cent Martinis! Yay!

criollo Criollo – You have to celebrate your birthday here. The service is impeccable and the food is exquisite.

3. Plantation Tours – We…

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